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boom 002
Midnight Runners 10inch EP
Midnight Runners 10" EP

1. Backyard (RA-Stream)
2. God blessed (RA-Stream) (MP3)
3. No drugs, no drinks, no pornomags (RA-Stream)
1. Satisfied (RA-Stream)
2. Summer of ´79 (RA-Stream)

Streetdate: 4th of february 2005
download productsheet (pdf, 89kb)
boom 001
Split 7inch: Eyeless View vs. From Us
Split 7": Eyeless View vs. From Us

Eyeless View:
1. New Tomorrow (RA-Stream) (MP3)
2. My Horizon (RA-Stream)

From Us:
1. Embrace Life (RA-Stream) (MP3)
2. Rainrisk Zero (RA-Stream)

Streetdate: 30th of january 2004

download productsheet (pdf, 61kb)