Dear folks,

I started BOOMBATZE RECORDS, ´cause I can´t play any instruments and my voice is a mess. But I´d like allways wanna have something to do with bands, Rock´n´Roll, free entree and free catering, ha ha ...
Since a long time I´m interested in Punk, Hardcore, Rock´n´Roll and all their similar styles. I organized concerts, did radioshows, wrote for zines, was the merch-hobbit, worked as a dj and lost my heart for it, but now I try to realize my dream with my own label BOOMBATZE RECORDS and I´m very proud of my new baby!

"... it doesnt matter who you are or where you work it doesnt matter who you are or what you earn what matters is what you give and what you love what matters is how you live and if you love"
(Hot Water Music: "Southeast First")
--> no more comment!

All the best and keep Rock´n´Roll still alive,